Do you have a restaurant, are you a doctor, a dentist, a barber or do you have any kind of business that requires your customers to make an appointment or reserve a table? Then this feature is quite handy.

If you want to introduce this feature in your application, just click on the Booking feature:


Then, you have to click on Plus sign and enter the location of your business and the email address of the manager (the email that receives appointment requests):


If you have several businesses, you can add these businesses to your Booking feature. To do that, you only have to click on Plus sign. You can do this process, as many times as you want for multiple locations of your businesses.

Why these information ? 
The location of your business(es) is important for your customers, so that to know exactly where they scheduled their appointments.
The email address of your manager is used by the application which will send him (the manager or secretary) an email to validate the appointment.

And the result:


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