Create as many discounts as you wish and display them in your application.

Here are the various parts of a discount:

  • Picture: you can add a picture that illustrates your coupon
  • Name: for example “One free coffee”, keep it short and simple
  • Description: for example : “One free regular coffee, size Medium”
  • Conditions: for example : “Applies to orders more than $10”
  • Can only be used once: check this box if you want the discount to be used only once per client. A “Use this discount” button will appear in the application and the client will have to press it to use the discount.
  • End date or unlimited: choose if you want your discount to have a due date or if you want it to be unlimited and to stop it when you want.

Here is what it looks like:


To enter a new discount, click on Plus sign and repeat the process.
After creating a coupon, you can change the background image and the design of the discount page at the bottom of the feature.




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