The Folder feature enables you to create a folder inside your app. Thus you can structure your app by grouping your pages under different folders.​

How to create a Folder?

To create a folder, click on Folders in the “add pages” part. This appears:


To start, you have to give a name to the root folder. To do this, click on Plus sign to add a folder. This appears:

For each folder, you can add a picture and a subtitle. Here is an example:

To create a second folder, you have to click on + and fill out all the fields (name of the folder, subtitle and picture). Do the same for all the folders you want to create.If you want to change the name, the subtitle or the background image, you only have to click on the edit icon.


The structure

With the Folders page, you can create different levels in your apps. You can file away your pages by themes. To do this, you have to use drag and drop:

If you move “Page 2” folder to the top, it will appear before “Page 1” in the Folders. If you move the “Page 2” folder on the right, it will become a subfolder of “Page 1”.At the end you can have this kind of structure in your app. Obviously this example is quite complicated.


Add pages to your Folders

Note: You can add ONLY the pages to your folders that you have already created. The folders page only enables you to file away your pages.

Add a page to one of your folders is very easy. First: select the folder in which you want to add a page and then click on the page you want to add in. For example “Hosting”:


Then click on the page you want to add to this folder.


Here we are. We have added our first page to the folder. Do the same for each page you want to add. Here is an example of a page you can create :


Editing your pages

Once you have added a page to a folder, this page will not appear any more in the main feature slider. To manage the pages you have added to some folders, you have to open the Folders page. To do this, follow this process:

– In the main feature slider click on the root folders icon that you had built:

Folders-10– Select the folder or the subfolder in which the page you want to manage is located.


– Click on the page you want to edit.


– Once you have clicked on the page you want to edit, it appears.


– To go back to the root folder, click on the page icon, you have just edit.

News wall

– If you want to go back to the main feature slider, click on “Main”


Removing a page from a Folder

Once you will have filed away a page into a folder, you will always have the possibility to remove it from that folder.
To do this click on the cross Cross:Folders-15NOTE: The page you removed, will go back automatically to the main feature slider.
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