Use this feature to build image galleries. You’ve got three options:

  • Create a gallery from Picasa
  • Create a gallery from Instagram
  • Create a gallery with your own photos


1. Create a gallery from Picasa

The “name” field allows you to give a name to your gallery. If you have several galleries, users will have the option to choose the one they want to look at.
With the “search” field you’ll be able to retrieve all photos from Picasa that are relevant to this search.
If you want to import an album from your Picasa photos on Google+, you just have to enter your Google ID in the “Search” field, for instance, and give a name to your gallery in the “Gallery name” field.


And the result is:


2. Create a gallery from Instagram

Instagram gallery works like the Picasa gallery. You have to enter the name of your gallery in the appropriate field and then enter your username or the one of the user you want to integrate the photos in the second field.

And the result is:



3. Create from your own photos

Give a name to your gallery, and click on “0 image” to upload photos from your computer.


You can upload several photos in the same time, just select from one folder all the photos you want to upload.


It’s not mandatory, but you can enter a title and a description for all your photos.
Click on “Ok” to save your gallery.

To create a new gallery, click on Plus sign and repeat the above process.

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