The Links page enables you to share information and links to other businesses and your business partners or other related information to your business, with your clients.

If you want to create a links page, click on Links. It opens this window:


First of all, you have to work on the content, then you can work on the design.

1. The content

To add a new link, clik on “+ Add a link”. Thus this appears:


Now, you just have to write the name of your link in “Title” and the address of the link in “link”. You can also add a logo to your link if you click on Plus sign . This link will be added to your app:

You can create as many links as you want, you just have to repeat this process.

2. Design

In order to make this page unique, you can insert a cover photo. To do this, you have to click on Insert Cover Image.

Then, you can change the background if you click on:


Once you have clicked on Arrow Down, this window opens:


If you click on the background (here the blue rectangle) you can change it.

3. Conclusion

When someone clicks on a link, he will be automatically redirected to the page which you set up. For instance, if you click on “Vogue” in the above page, you will be redirected Vogue website:

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