Loyalty Card

With the Loyalty feature you’ll be able to create a loyalty punch or stamp card. It means there will be a reward after a number of purchases. For example “Buy ten, get one free”.
To validate a loyalty point, the business owner will have to enter a four-digit password. As with loyalty stamp card, the client has to show his card to the retailer for stamping it, with our digital loyalty card, the client has to show his smartphone and the retailer has to enter his four-digit password to validate a point.

1. Loyalty card creation
Here are the things required to create a loyalty card:

  • The total number of points
  • The reward
  • What is the condition to validate a point

Here is an example:


  • Create a four-digit password:
    It is possible to create a password for each employee. Like this it will be more easy to verify who validates what. To create a password, you just have to click on “my passwords” button:


The loyalty card in the application, looks like this example:


To validate a point, the client touches a point and passes his smartphone to the retailer for confirmation:


The retailer chooses the number of points and enters his password


It is not possible to edit or delete a loyalty card, because it works like a real punch card. When a user gets a punch card with a particular offer and begins to validate some points on it, it can’t be changed (meaning that it would be too easy to attract customers with a big offer and then to change it for a lower one while they already have some points validated on it).
But it’s possible to create a new card with a new offer. All the customers who have already validated points on the old card, will keep using this card until it is completely validated, and then they will get the new card. The customers who have not validated points on the old card yet, will get the new one instead.

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