Set Meal / Menu

Using this feature you can create menus or bundles for a restaurant or any similar business. You’ll be able to create as many menus as you want.

Necessary components:

  • Menu name: for example “Evening menu”, or “Family menu”
  • Price: This field isn’t mandatory, as you can enter the price in the menu description
  • Description: you’re going to use the text editor to create a menu. Look below to see how to create a beautiful menu.
  • Conditions: This field isn’t mandatory. You would be able to use it to specify some conditions, for example “only available on Mondays”.

Here is what it looks like:

Set Meal-1

To create a beautiful menu with the text editor:
Apply a style to your titles (for example “appetizers“, “dishes“, “desserts“) and center all your text. For that, select your title in the text editor and click on  in the text editor’s menu, then click on format and choose “title 1” or “title 2”.
Press Enter. Then enter your appetizers if the title is “appetizer”, press Enter between each item.
To enter a new title (for example “dishes”), make a separation by pressing Enter and clicking on  in the text editor menu. Then press Enter and reproduce the previous process.
These modifications won’t be visible in the text editor nor in the app preview but will be well considered in the application.
Then, if you can, enter a picture for this menu and save all.
To enter a new menu, click on Plus sign and repeat the above process.

Here is a sample result:

Set Meal-2

You can also choose another design for your page, from the different page design at the bottom of the feature:


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