With Onyx App Creator you’ll be able to integrate videos from Youtube, Podcast and Vimeo. If you want to integrate a business video gallery, the best is, if not already done, to create a Youtube or Vimeo channel in which you’ll upload all the business’s videos.
You can create a thematic gallery too from other sources than the store (for example a fashion video gallery for a trendy bar).

Here is how it works, it’s quite simple:

1. YouTube

Begin by giving a name to your gallery, if you create several galleries, user will be able to select the one they want to watch:


Then, in the “search” field, what you are going to enter depends on what type of search you are going to select. Here are more details about the search field:

Create a gallery with only the store videos

You already have created the store channel on Youtube and uploaded the videos on this channel. Let’s suppose this Youtube channel is called “RockCafé”, here is how you create the gallery:
Enter the name you want for your video gallery and then the name of the Youtube channel in the “search” field. Then choose “Channel” for “Type”:


Create a thematic video gallery

Enter the name you want for your video gallery, the keyword you want to search for in the “search” field, and choose “Search” in “Type”:


Here is the result:

If you want to add another gallery, just click on Plus sign and repeat the process above.

2. Podcast

You can also integrate videos from Podcasts. To do this, you have to enter the name of your video gallery and the URL address of your video.


3. Vimeo

If you want to add a channel you have to enter the ID of the channel in the “search” field and select “Channel” in the “type” select box.
You can find the ID of the channel at the end of the channel URL. For example, for this channel: you just have to enter “513799”.

For the other types of choices (User, Group, Album), it is the same process than for Channel. Just enter the ID that reads at the end of the URL. For example to import all the videos of this user:

enter “user24085556” in the “search” field and select “user” for type.


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